Digital Photo Prints

Tips and tricks for printing your digital photographs

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

After you took a roll of film, you’d take it to the local 5 and dime or drugstore to get prints. You’d hand over your film canister, and in a couple of days you would get an evelope filled with glorious (and not so glorious) prints.

Now you’ve got a digital camera. You’ve taken some photos, you’ve moved them to your computer. You have used an image viewing program to pre-screen your photos and find all the ones that really are good. Now you’d like some prints. How in the world do you get these digital photos sitting on your computer hard drive to the printer?

This section will show you how — whether you want to print at home or let the local drugstore do it for you. We’ll walk you through the pros, the cons and the options available to you so you can get high-quality digital photo prints without spending a ton of money.

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