First-Time Digital Camera Buyer

Where to begin?

Ever felt intimidated buying something new? Whether it is a new car or a new computer, there always seems to be hundreds of models and options to choose from.

How do you know you got a good product? How to you avoid spending too much? Do you feel confident about what you want when a salesperson tries to sell you something you don’t need?

Research Is The Key

In order to find the right product, I always begin with research. The more that I know about the product, the more confident I feel that I purchased the right item for the right price.

Here’s an example of how good research can get you a good deal. You want a camera to replace your old point-and-shoot film camera. You want to be able to print some of the photos that you are going to take, but will never be printing on a large scale.

You’ve done your homework and know that this means you need a 2.0 to 4.0 Megapixel camera. A salesperson can try to sell you the latest and greatest 8.0 Megapixel model (that costs hundreds more) but it’s not worth the extra cost to you. You get the camera you need for a lower price.

You Need To Start Somewhere

But where do you begin? With hundreds of different cameras on the market and tons of options to choose from, how do you zero in on what you really need and avoid the stuff you don’t?

Find Out How

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