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5 Best Camera for ZoneMinder Reviews in 2022

If you talk about some of the highly popular CCTV management systems, ZoneMinder is among the toppers! It gives a convenient security camera monitoring experience.

However, the fact that it only supports cameras that are ONVIF compliant makes it really tedious for anyone to find the best camera for ZoneMinder.

Keeping ourselves in your shoes, we get into deep market research. We focused to find the top 5 ZoneMinder compatible cameras that are high performing, durable, and easy to use. And that’s what we’re about share with you today!

5 Best ZoneMinder Compatible Camera Reviews

Our list contains 5 variations with different video resolutions, connectivity technology, night vision coverage, etc. Consequently, they are good for various applications such as safeguarding a small backyard to the long front yard of your house.

So be sure to find a mixture of quality and taste here –

5 ZoneMinder Compatible Cameras Comparison

NameResolutionConnectivityNight Vision
REOLINK PoE Outdoor IP Camera5MP(2560×1920)Wired (PoE)100ft IR
Amcrest UltraHD 4K Security System8MP(3840×2160)Wired (PoE)98ft IR
SV3C 5MP Dome POE IP Camera5MP(2592×1944)Wired (PoE)65ft IR
ZoneMinder Compatible CameraHD 1080pWireless40ft IR
SV3C PoE Camera for ZoneMinder5MP(2592×1944)Wireless, Wired (PoE)65ft IR

#1. REOLINK PoE Outdoor IP Camera for Zoneminder

To us, this is the first and best camera for zoneminder by REOLINK. It works great with the software without producing issues. You can have better security surveillance with great picture quality and the installation is pretty simple.



Being a PoE IP camera, it’s really easy to install. You just need a single CAT6 or CAT7 cable to run both the power and Ethernet connection to the device. This simplification in the installation procedure makes it a great choice for novices.

Video Quality:

What we liked most is the HD 2560×1920 resolution video at 30fps. Both day and night vision are quite satisfying with the powerful infrared LED. Thanks to the 3D-DNR technology that elevates low light performance and gives you sharp quality images.

The LED can cover up to 100ft at night. That makes it quite handy for property surveillance and other medium-sized spaces.

Smart Control:

REOLINK has a free controller application with rich functions. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices. You can remotely access and explore things you care about. However, you can always work with ZoneMinder for sure!

Flexible Recorder:

As mentioned by the manufacturer, you can add in an external micro SD card up to 128GB of memory. Moreover, connect it to an FTP server, NVRs, or NAS stations to start 24/7 video recording with motion detection.

Best of all, this feature doesn’t even cost. So you enjoy flexible recording and keep your loved ones safe all the time!


  • Wired connectivity
  • Waterproof construction
  • Power over Ethernet (single cable)
  • 128GB Micro SD support
  • 100ft IR Night Vision
  • Use CAT6 or CAT7
  • 5 megapixels


  • Very easy to install
  • Free remote access app
  • Enhanced day and night performance
  • Good for novices and professionals
  • Superb low light performance
  • Flexible recording options


  • Night vision might not be suitable for a large industrial area
  • Memory support limit is less than a few other devices

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#2. Amcrest UltraHD 4K Outdoor Security Turret Camera

Amcrest has another great ZoneMinder app-compatible camera for you! It’s high quality and comes with great advantages. The very first comparison with the REOLINK camera we’d make is the external memory support limit which is 256GB (double).

That’s said, let’s look at what other unique features it has to offer!


Video Quality:

This is yet another notable difference with our first selection. The resolution is 8MP that records 4K Ultra High Definition videos. Also, with the integrated infrared LEDs, low light performance is remarkable.

Thanks to the CMOS image sensor that enhances its overall night vision up to 98ft. We’re glad to introduce you to its 16x digital zooming feature. It gets you really close to the object without even distorting the video quality too much.

Wide Viewing Angle:

At 2.8mm focal length, the lens can cover up to a 105-degree angle. So it’s able to safeguard a wide area such as a large pool and backyard.

Flexible Storage:

As said earlier, you can insert an external MicroSD card with up to 256GB of memory. Besides, it allows connecting to a computer, FTP, NAS, or Amcrest’s Cloud. This really elevates the usability giving a convenient user experience.

Construction & Connectivity:

You’re able to talk about its sturdy construction by how it appears. The housing is durable and IP67 weatherproof. This makes it really strong and preventive against natural disasters so suitable for outdoor environment with the random weather condition.

Added to that, PoE connectivity comes quite handy, especially for enthusiasts. However, the cable needs to be brought separately.


  • Wired connectivity (PoE)
  • IP67 Waterproof housing
  • 256GB Micro SD support
  • 105-degree viewing angle
  • 2.8mm focal length
  • 98ft IR night vision
  • 8 megapixels


  • Single cable power and internet
  • High-quality image sensor
  • Ultra HD crystal clear video
  • Covers a wide area
  • Super flexible storage options
  • Smart motion detection and alarms
  • Large memory support


  • Not wireless
  • Less night vision coverage

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#3. SV3C 5MP Dome PoE IP Security Camera Super HD

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera | Night Vision, Indoor Only, 2-Way Audio | Cloud Storage Included | Works with Alexa (VMC3040), White

Dome cameras are great for mounting on the ceiling. That’s why we kept this 5MP dome IP security PoE camera on our list. Best of all, it’s compatible with ZoneMinder and the ONVIF works as you expect it to.

The brilliant IP66 waterproof construction makes it suitable, especially for harsh outdoor environments. However, you may also use it to safeguard indoor areas as you wish!


Video Quality:

With a 5MP resolution, you’ll get 2592x1944p videos at 25 frames per second. This ensures a smooth frame transition during the recording. The H.265 video compression standard ensures you get high-quality videos without blurriness and shaking. So it becomes easy to inspect further details in the footage.

Night Vision:

One of the most remarkable features of this device is the built-in 36 infrared LEDs. They increase the illumination power way further subsequently enhancing the low light performance. So the night vision goes up to 65 feet which is obviously less than our previous two products. But for the excellent price point, it’s totally worth it!

Built Quality:

The housing is made of strong aluminum material. As said earlier, it’s IP66 waterproof and able to tolerate extreme weather conditions like thunder, snow, and rain. Overall, it’s great for using around your house, inside an office, or guarding a hallway, whatever!

Smart Security:

The motion detection feature is a great advantage. It keeps you alert all the time without losing any single event that you care about. In addition, the installation process is very simple over a single Ethernet cable. Note that it supports CAT5 cable as the PoE media.


  • Wired connectivity (PoE)
  • IP66 Waterproof metal case
  • H.265 compression technology
  • HD 5 Megapixels (2592×1944)
  • 36 infrared led lights
  • 65ft IR night vision


  • Sturdy body construction
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • More inferred lights illuminate more
  • Single cable installation cuts effort
  • Smart alert for better surveillance
  • Smooth video recording


  • Might not support CAT 6 or 7 cables

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#4. ZoneMinder Compatible WiFi Home Security Camera

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera | Night Vision, Indoor Only, 2-Way Audio | Cloud Storage Included | Works with Alexa (VMC3040), White

If you want a camera that easily integrates with ZoneMinder, this is another suitable option worth investing in! It even works if you’re set with real-time streaming protocol on the app. In addition, we really like its 120° wide-angle viewing lens and all other great features. And for that price, 2-pack is a real value for the money!


HD Video Quality:

We consider it’s one of the cheap zoneminder cameras. Nonetheless to say, the 1080p HD video will definitely impress you no matter its day or night. Having 12 powerful IR-led lights makes it high performing at night covering up to 40ft.

However, we didn’t like it because we’re already impressed by the top choice (REOLINK) with 100ft night vision. But this is still worthwhile considering the price.


One of the best features of this camera is the wireless connectivity technology that puts it ahead of all other high-quality devices we’ve seen up until this point. However, you should not that the connection should be on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Heavy Duty Construction:

The metal housing is pretty robust providing IP65 weather and dustproof support. Consequently, it’s suitable for outdoor and shaded places. Its metal frame helps to dissipate heat easily. And the temperature tolerance range is from -20°C up to 60°C.

Smart Security:

Because of the US-based server could, it can send you quick alerts in real-time. Besides, motion detection is very precise. You can set a specific track zone to avoid unnecessary notifications.


  • Up to 40ft night vision
  • 1080p video resolution
  • Wireless connectivity, works with Alexa
  • IP65 Waterproof metal housing
  • Motion detection & two-way audio
  • 120° wide-angle viewing lens
  • 12 infrared LED lights


  • Sturdy metal weatherproof construction
  • High-quality sharp images
  • Wide area coverage
  • Fast server response
  • Zone tracking
  • Flexible storage
  • Easy to interact with visitors


  • Won’t work with a 5.0GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Less night vision coverage limit

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#5. SV3C Indoor/Outdoor Poe Camera for ZoneMinder NVR

Arlo (VMC3040-100NAS) Q – Wired, 1080p HD Security Camera | Night Vision, Indoor Only, 2-Way Audio | Cloud Storage Included | Works with Alexa (VMC3040), White

Last but not the least, if you’re looking for a home security camera to work with your Zoneminder NVR, this can be a choice! It’s sturdy and well made with waterproof technology. Consequently, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor security surveillance.


Robust Construction:

The metal housing ensures durability to the camera. Its IP66 waterproof provided you can install it for any outdoor environment without worrying about damage. Besides, the temperature tolerance level is from -4°F up to 140°F.

Software Compatibility:

From our main purpose of use, it is easily integrated with ZoneMinder. Besides, you can also use it with Ispy, NVR, Blue Iris, and VLC.

High Definition Video:

With this 5MP camera, video output will be 2592×1944 at a frame speed of 15 per second. Well, that’s not something to get excited we know! However, it has H.264/H.265/H265+ video compression feature that creates a better overall output.

Another great advantage is the infrared starlight which turns on automatically. This will enhance the night vision power up to 65 feet. And we count it as one of the perfect ZoneMinder cameras available in the market.

Simplified Connectivity:

PoE cameras are known for their easy installation feature. The same thing applies to this SV3C Indoor/Outdoor ZoneMinder NVR compatible camera. It connects over a single CAT5 cable reducing the hassles seen on ordinary devices.

What’s more interesting is that the package includes a power adapter for additional power sourcing where needed.

Device Compatibility:

You can remotely access the camera using the smartphone. It’ll send motion detection notifications with pictures to your email or FTP account. Add IOS, Android, Computer, IE MAC Browser, etc. with the provided 30 days cloud service trial, you can open your file directly without the help of third-party software.


  • Ethernet protocol
  • 5MP resolution
  • Up to 65 feet night vision
  • Metal shell IP66 waterproof
  • Supports ZoneMinder, Ispy, NVR, Blue Iris, and VLC
  • Motion detection infrared starlight
  • Wired & wireless connectivity


  • Easy to install
  • Well-made quality
  • Trusted performance
  • Flexible software compatibility
  • 30 days free cloud storage
  • Provides Smart security


  • Video quality might not be like our top picked products
  • CAT6 or, CAT7 cable might not be supported

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Things to Consider In a Camera for Zoneminder NVR

You should never purchase seeing the high ratings of a camera if it’s not compatible with ZoneMinder. Additionally, some of the devices might have limited functions or complexity using all its features when integrated with third-party software.

That’s why we’ve laid this special TIP section with important things to consider when shopping for the best ZoneMinder NVR compatible camera.


This is obviously the very first thing to consider. You must check from the manufacturer if the camera is compatible with third party software like blue iris, iSpy, or Zoneminder.

And the good news is that we’ve already done the work for you. We only selected products that are compatible with the application.

Connectivity Technology

We’re able to find devices with wired and wireless connectivity features. For one of the top 5 products, it had both connectivity options.

If you’re concerned about consistent data transmission and better security surveillance, we recommend going with wired PoE cameras. However, Wi-Fi cameras are pretty easy to use. But sometimes video quality is compromised because of the bandwidth.

Video Resolution & Quality

It defines how clear the images are. We found ZoneMinder cameras with 1080p, 5MP, and 8MP resolutions. However, the top two products with 5MP and 8MP seemed better to us. So you might pick any of the top-ranking products on our list.

Also, ensure it has updated video compression features such as H.264 or H.265 which is better. This will ensure efficient recording that saves space providing better output.

Night Vision

All of the devices on our list have infrared night vision. However, the area coverage varies from one to another. Such as the REOLINK has 100ft IR night vision whereas SV3C PoE Camera has only up to 65ft.

Hence, the choice will depend on your needs. But we always recommend going with something that has more area coverage so you can replace it anywhere.


Cameras with metal housing are very durable and perfect for outdoor usage. Besides, we also recommend choosing something waterproof since it’ll have to face random weather conditions. The body construction also contributes to longevity.

With quality construction, It can easily dissipate heat and keep the inside compartments safe from damages.


1. What cameras does ZoneMinder support?

Any ONVIF complaint camera should work with the ZoneMinder app. So anything that’s does fall under the condition won’t be able to integrate and work as intended. The good news is that our list contains ONVIF compliant cameras. So you don’t have to walk the extra miles looking for a compatible device, we’ve already done the work!

2. Is ZoneMinder open source?

Yes, ZoneMinder is an open-source security camera monitoring software. It’s free to download and runs under Linux and FreeBSD systems. You can control all your IP cameras using this application through a web-based interface.

3. Is ONVIF the same as RTSP?

They aren’t the same but come to employ streaming media standards. Note that ONVIF complaint cameras allow both RTP and RTSP streams to be initiated from the protocol.

4. How do I view recorded videos on ZoneMinder?

You’ll have to select the camera you’re about to explore the recorded videos. Next, check the video history by hours, day, week, month, or even all footage if you prefer. At this stage, you’ll find an option at the top right corner that says “Show Timeline”.


It’s always suggested your keep a keen eye on what other users are saying. Be mindful that not all high-quality cameras are ONVIF complaints, making it finding the best camera for ZoneMinder a little more tedious.

Besides, make sure the device you choose has well-made quality, greater night vision, flexible connectivity, and wide compatibility.

Rest assured, you’ll never have to regret a purchase. Wrapping up, if you get into any trouble regarding a selection or have questions about how to set up cameras with ZoneMinder, please feel free to reach out.

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