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How to EASILY Install Arlo Wire-Free Security Camera System

Congratulations on your purchase or making the smart decision of choosing the smart Arlo security system for your home, office, or anywhere!

Now it’s time to install carefully and get things sorted.

With conventional camera systems, you’ll have to go through lots of wiring and extensive setups. However, Arlo wire-free home security cameras have broken that limit for you. It’s a complete security solution and easy to install with just a few simple steps to Do It Yourself.

We’re going to give you the best method on how to install your new Arlo camera system like a pro!!! So let’s do it…

#1. Downloading Arlo App

Start by setting up the smart hub, or base station by connecting the internet cable. You’ll also have to connect the outlet to electric power.

Next, the Arlo app will help you to configure the settings. It seems like the whole system is useless without the app. So start by downloading that on your smartphone. You can download it from the Apple app store, or Google play store.

Once done, create an account there and you can start adding Arlo cameras you have from the model names listed there. You can also control the settings from Arlo’s web portal. You’ll get the same functions and everything just on a wider screen through a web browser.

#2. Turn the Camera on

Note that Arlo has both wire-free and wired cameras available. In this tutorial, we’re choosing the wire-free version since it’s easy to install and we like it the most. Wired versions will require choosing a suitable outlet and extra cables sometimes which is kind of a hassle.

So with the wire-free model, you’ll have to insert the rechargeable battery. Hence, unlock the battery door by holding the battery-release button to slide open. Now, you can insert batteries as per the instructions. You can follow the groove which indicates the right snug-fit side.

#3. Setup Wi-Fi Connection      

Once the camera is on, it’s time to add to the network. The app we’ve just installed in the previous step will have instructions for that. So you can just put the username and password of your wireless network. Next, the app will generate a QR code to scan.

Note if you aren’t able to set up with Wi-Fi connection even with the right login information, it’s probably the network power. Some Arlo cameras might not work with 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks. Hence, you’d have to switch to a 2.4 GHz internet connection if possible.

So it’s always good practice to check the description become purchasing a specific model. Once you’re connected, it’s time to mount it.

#4. Synchronizing with the Base Station

Bring the camera about 3 ft. closer to the base station. This will get the process done faster. Now, press and hold the Sync button for about 2/3 seconds and release.

NOTE that pressing it for long might block the process in return. Now, wait for the Green LED to blink and the blue LED will confirm the Synchronization by blinking rapidly. If you have multiple cameras Sync one at a time.

The solid green LED on the base station indicates the completion of the process.

#5. Mount the Arlo Camera

Find a suitable place to mount the camera on a strong base around 7 feet above the ground. This will allow you to get a nice viewpoint subsequently making it easy to function for motion detection. Besides, you can have it keep out of reach of people.

Now, drill through the surface to screw up the wall mounting kit. Tighten it well and move on to the next step. Remember you can always use a magnetic powered mount stand with Ultra and Pro versions of Arlo cameras.

However, magnetic mounts aren’t recommended for outdoor purposes.

#6. Adjust the View


This is crucial and you must fix it. If the view isn’t right as per the intention of use, this will be a failed project. Use the app to customize or adjust the view. Here’s what you need to do –

  1. Got to the Settings from the Menu
  2. Select your camera from My Devices if you have multiple added
  3. Then go to the Device Utilities > Camera Positioning > Adjust the Camera

By doing that, you can check if the frame is positioned to capture the right area or not.

Adjusting Depth of Field

With some versatile options like the Arlo Pro 4, you are allowed to zoom in or out. If you want to capture a large area you can make the focus wider.

Also, you can set the lens for shallow depth of field in small areas. This will also save bandwidth making faster data transmission.

So here’s how you can change the depth of field –

  1. Got to the Settings from the Menu
  2. Select your camera from My Devices if you have multiple added
  3. Then click on Video Settings > Video Mode and choose your preference

Motion Area Tracking

There are two types of motion sensor setups you can do: Adjustable and Passive

When you tell the camera to track a specific portion of the frame for motion detection, the rest of the parts inside the frame will be ignored. So let’s hook up with the two types of functions.

a. Adjustable Motion or Activity Zone

This feature comes with the paid secure plan by Arlo. Hence, the camera is connected to a power outlet and you get to adjust the tracking zone. Wherever any actions like the movement of humans or animals are occurring in that area, you’ll get notifications.

And here’s how to get it set after the purchase –

  1. Go to the Settings (Better with widescreen device/computer)
  2. Select the camera from My Devices > Activity Zones
  3. Click on the Add (+) sign to add a new zone and > Adjust the zone
  4. Name it for your recognition for later use

So that’s how you can customize the activity zone. Remember that this setting will only apply to a certain place. Moving the camera to another place won’t apply the setting automatically.

b. Passive Motion Activity Zones

This is the basic available function which doesn’t cost. It’s like a built-in function with bottom and top motion sensor zones. While the bottom zone covers almost two-thirds of the frame, the top activity tracking zone covers less and it’s less sensitive.

#7. Testing Motion Detection Performance

When all the settings are done, it’s time to test it to see how it performs. Indeed the camera will turn on and start recording video whenever anything moves within its motion zone. That’s how it saves power and keeps giving you alerts.

So let’s get to test the performance of the motion sensor. In this step, we’ll also customize the sensitivity level of the motion detector from the Arlo App.

  1. Go to the Settings > My Devices and select your camera
  2. Next, go to Device Utilities > Motion Detection Test
  3. Now tell your comrades to walk around the motion zone set in the previous step
  4. Then you’ll be able to understand and fix it accordingly

#8. Arming Modes

It’s a special feature that comes with subscription packs. Arming defines when to turn on the duty at a certain time of the day or night. This way, you can save power and protect your house in a customized way.

Note there are 5 different types of Arm-modes available in an Arlo Camera.


This is basically switching off the recording of the device. So it won’t send you notifications as well. You can set this function when there’s no need for the camera.


This tells that you’re turning it on using the software. It’s a manual action and goes very well for personal safety and privacy issues.


It’s a customized arming mode that allows you to control how the armed mode will work.


As from the title, you can schedule a specific time to turn on the duty. So the device will start recording videos at that specified portion of the day or night.


It’s like an artificial intelligence setting. The security device will turn on or off based on the location which is called Geo-fencing.


So that’s basically how to install Arlo cameras for home security and other purposes. With our comprehensive steps, it’ll be like a breeze for anyone with no prior experience.

We’ve tried to cover as much as possible. And all these actions we’ve explained are for wire-free Arlo models. If you have any questions regarding the wired version, feel free to ask. We’ll try to cover that in another tutorial some other days.

If you’ve found this to be helpful, make sure to let it go VIRAL and help others!!!

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