Arlo Pro 3 vs. Pro 4

Arlo Pro 3 vs. Pro 4 (What’s the Difference)

No doubt, Arlo is a highly popular name in the world of security cameras. And with the advancement of technology over time, they released the Arlo Pro 4 as an updated camera version of the Arlo Pro 3.

Yet, a lot of features between these two versions are quite identical. However, since Pro 4 is the latest version, there must be some changes in features and advantages.

So what are those…?

Well, we’re about to begin the battle of Arlo Pro 3 vs. Pro 4 RIGHT AWAY!

Arlo Pro 3 and Pro 4 Overview

Both of these camera models have many common specs. You’ll find them with similar features in terms of night vision, LED spotlight, video resolution (2K), audio control, etc. And here’s a quick overview table to help you understand then at a glance –

FeaturesArlo Pro 3Arlo Pro 4
Video Resolution2K2K
SubscriptionRequired for more featuresRequired for more features
Object DetectionYesYes
LED SpotlightYesYes
Customize Motion ZoneYesYes
Security AlertsYesYes
Night VisionYesYes
Two-way audioYesYes

Price Comparison between Arlo Pro 3 and Pro 4

Despite the common features, the most noticeable differences between Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Pro 4 are connectivity features and the price.

Similar to other industries, Arlo’s Pro 4 camera is the updated version with the latest features. So the price point is a little bit higher than the Pro 3 model.

While Pro 3 requires a SmartHub to setup the network, Arlo Pro 4 has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity feature. So you can connect it to the network without the need for a hub.

NamePrice (1 Camera)Base StationMore Info
Arlo Pro 3Around $120RequiredView on Amazon
Arlo Pro 4Around $245Not RequiredView on Amazon

#1. Arlo Pro 3 Package Overview

Prices will depend on the type of package with the included number of cameras. If you buy 2 or, 3 Arlo Pro 3 cameras, they’ll cost you more with an additional smarthub included. However, if you already have a base station, the single-camera package is good to go!

When you don’t have a smarthub, the two-camera kit with included base station would be a great choice. This package of Arlo Pro 3 would cost you around $270. That might seem to be pricy than the single-camera pack.

However, considering the number of cameras (2) and the added hub, this would be a great purchase for the money!

#2. Arlo Pro 4 Package Overview

As from the comparison chart above, you can see that Arlo Pro 4 is always a little more expensive. Yet still, you won’t receive any base station since it’s not required.

You’ll find 1 or, 3 camera options. If you need to buy multiple cameras, the 3-camera option can be a great choice. And we recommend not to choose the single package unless you really not needed those 2 additional pieces.

Smart Subscription Plans (Secure & Secure Plus)

Assume you’ve got either model, now you have to subscribe to any of the Arlo security subscription plans. This will allow you to get started with the system with pro features.

You’ll get all the beneficial features and easy control. The camera can detect humans, objects like cars, or even animals passing by. Here’s an overview of the great advantages of their security plans –

Easy Control

You can control and monitor your camera’s view from your smartphone. This is really cool and gives you smart control over your home security system. So you can do more with one touch and have peace of mind.

Emergency Response

You’ll be able to reach out to cops fast with your camera location. The mobile app has the functions in your reach with just one tap.

Person Detection Preview

If the camera detects an unwanted and unusual movement of a person within the area, it’ll give you an animated preview even on the lock screen of your phone. You can choose to activate the siren, call a friend.

Turn on Activity Zone

You can select an area for which you want to get alerts when something is there. This helps to cut off unwanted notifications.

Preserve Video History

This feature allows you to check back a previous video in the library. You’ll have specific details like the thing in the video, place where recorded, time, date, video duration, etc.

Differences between Arlo Secure Plans

There are 2 plans right now; secure and secure plus. With any of these plans, you’ll receive a 10% off on Arlo products. With that in mind, let’s have an overview of these plans –

FeaturesSecureSecure Plus
Price (single camera)$2.99/monthN/A
Price (unlimited cameras)$9.99/month$14.99/month
Video Resolution2K4K
Emergency ResponseNoYes

Arlo Pro 3 vs. Arlo Pro 4: Who Wins?

From all of the above discussions, we hope you’ve already noticed the major differences between these two camera models by Arlo. Generally, they have many similar or common features.

So what is the best version for you?

  • If you want to save money, Arlo Pro 3 is a good choice.
  • If you can spend a little more for more advantages like easy installation, Pro 4 will be the number 1 choice for you.
  • Considering the subscription plan, you’ll have all the same features on both camera versions. So there’s no need to worry about this.


That’s pretty much all we could tell about the differences between Arlo’s Pro 3 and Pro 4 camera versions. They have the same HDR, the field of view, zooming power, night vision technology, power source, spotlight, siren, object detection, and everything.

So the only thing is that you’ll have to adjust your mind to the price. Then you’ll be able to choose one, piece of cake!

And we highly recommend you subscribe to either of the Secure or Secure Plus plans. This will give you more advanced features for total peace of mind.

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