Underwater Case

Take your digital camera snorkeling

One of the latest developments in digital camera technology has nothing to do with the camera itself. Instead, camera manufacturers are now focusing on creating underwater casings for their compact digital cameras. Snorkelers and scuba divers may now regoice.

How It Works

Underwater cases for digital cameras are moulded plastic, that fold open to accomodate the camera. A rubber o-ring seals the case when it is closed and prevents water, dust and other small particles from damaging the camera.

Many of these cases are rated for depths up to 100 feet. While many of us may never use the case for this reason, they are also incredibly useful for snorkeling.

The case includes all the buttons and knobs that you need to completely control the buttons on your camera. You can adjust zoom, menu settings, flash and anything else, even though the camera is completely enclosed.

Match The Case to Your Camera

Since an underwater case is moulded plastic, and features buttons that let you change the camera settings, you need to get the right case for the camera that you own. Every underwater case does not fit every digital camera.

It’s also important to get the right case for your camera so that the camera fits snugly, and the seal is tight. Without a waterproof seal, you will wipe out your digital camera pretty fast.

Other Uses

If you are trying to justify the purchase of an underwater case, we are here to help you out. Water, sand and the elements in general are not friendly to digital cameras. Zoom lenses can get gummed up in a couple of trips to the beach, just because of the salt particles in the air.

Underwater cases comes handy at the beach, on a rainy day and even at a friend’s pool (you don’t have to worry about the camera getting splashed). This makes the underwater case more worthwhile than something that you only use when you make it to a tropical island.

Olympus Underwater Cases

Get more information about Olympus Underwater Cases fom the Olympus Web Site.

CameraUnderwater Case
Stylus 300, 400 and 410PT-016
D-560 and D-565PT-017
C-740 and C-750PT-018
D-575 and D-580PT-021
C-765 and C-770PT-022

Canon Underwater Cases

Canon makes two types of digital camera cases: water proof (WP) and all-weather (AW). The all-weather cases will protect your camera from the elements, but are not designed to be immersed in water.

Get more details about Canon Underwater Cases fom the Canon Web Site.

CameraUnderwater Case
SD10 and SD20AW-DC10
SD100 and SD110WP-DC10
SD200 and SD300AW-DC30
S60 and S70WP-DC40
S400, S410 and S500    WP-DC800
S410 and S500WP-DC800
A75 and A85WP-DC30

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