Flash Cord

Detach your flash from the camera for more versatility

In our section on external flash, we talked about red-eye. If you get the flash far away from the camera lens, this will eliminate red-eye.

An external flash helps create distance between the flash and the lens. The only limitation is that the flash must always be connected to the camera. Not if you have a flash cord.

Detach Your External Flash

A flash cord acts as a relay between your camera and the external flash. One end connects to the camera, the other to the flash. You can get flash cords in different lengths.

The purpose here is to give yourself flexibility when working with your flash. If you attach your camera to a tripod, you can actually hold the flash unit in your hand. As you take photographs of your subject, you can move the flash around any way you like. If the flash is attached directly to the camera, you don’t have a lot of options.
flash cord

A flash cord is also necessary when you are working with a flash bracket. Since the bracket places a lot of room between the camera and the flash, the only way to connect the two is with a cord.

This photo shows an external flash attached to a digital SLR camera with a flash cord.

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