Camera Bags

Get a good bag so you can take your camera with you

You’ve got a shiny new digital camera. You don’t want to bang it up, get it wet, and subject it to the elements.

One option is to leave the camera at home all the time so it doesn’t get dinged. But then you miss all those great photographic opportunities.

From Compact to Compartments

Many compact digital cameras have matching carrying cases. Most of these cases include a belt loop, so you can have your camera attached at the hip if you like.

The nice thing about the cases made for the cameras is that they fit snugly. They are no larger than they have to be. And they serve the purpose of protecting your camera from dust and scratches.

For the more heavy-duty camera person (or anyone with a digital SLR), a larger camera bag will be necessary. This is especially important if you have some of the other accessories mentioned in this section. The more you have, the more bag you’re going to need.

I used to have several different bags that I used to carry around equipment. I finally broke down and got a bag that would carry everything — what a difference. Now all that I have to do is take the one bag with me and I know I haven’t left anything behind. Before, I had to go through a checklist just to make sure I was not forgetting anything.

Since I have not tried every camera bag on the market, I can’t really compare and contrast. I do know what works for me, and currently, that happens to be the Slinger bag from Adorama.

It’s not overly expensive, and it’s compartments are specifically designed to carry camera gear. This makes things compact, easy to carry. It’s also fairly ergonomic, which is an important thing to get in a camera bag. You may want to take your camera on long hikes. In the first five minutes, your camera won’t weigh all that much. After twenty it will. Having a comfortable pack is a big plus if you carry your camera a lot.

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