Cable Release

Take the shot without shaking your camera

In the section on tripods, I mentioned that tripods eliminate camera shake. That statement was true — to a point.

It is still possible to shake your camera even when it is attached to a tripod. In fact, it is possible to shake your camera no matter how securely it is attached to a solid object.

Itchy Trigger Finger

The problem comes in when you use your finger to push down on the button to take a photograph. The mere act of touching the camera when you are taking a photo with very slow shutter speeds can lead to a blurry photograph. So how do you take photos without touching the camera?

Enter the cable release. A cable release is basically a remote control for your camera. One end of the cable plugs into the camera, and you hold the other end in your hand. There is a button on the part you hold that takes a photograph when you push it.cable release

Once your camera is set up on a tripod and the cable release is attached, you take take photos with incredibly long shutter speeds that are razor-sharp. The camera does not move at all when you take the photograph.

Remote Control Works Too

Most cable releases are designed to be used with SLR cameras. Since many people may not want the bulk and complexity of an SLR camera, some compact digital cameras on the market today offer remote controls.

A remote control works exactly the same way a cable release does, there is just no cable involved. The important point is that you can activate the camera without actually touching it.

If you are interested in night photography, or want to use slow shutter speeds for other creative reasons, consider finding a compact digital camera that offers a remote control shutter release.

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