About Us

The story behind DigicamGuides

There are hundreds of web sites that provide information about digital cameras. So why another?

Why not just leave it up to all the rest to provide this information and leave it at that? It would certainly be the easy way out.

The Rationale

I have spent the past 5 years learning and reading about digital cameras. The topic is endlessly fascinating to me, since it combines both the elements of high-end technology and conventional picture taking.

The debate has raged back and forth between the traditionalists who favor film and the adopters of this new technology, who can’t imagine taking photos without it. I am somewhere in the middle, since I see the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

While I do not intend to take a specific side it this debate, it has been made clear over the past couple of years that the general public is adopting digital cameras the same way they adopted music CDs.

Since there is such a vast interest in digital cameras, I decided to share some of what I know with others. My hope is that everyone can learn a little something from this site, and either make an informed decision about their digital camera purchase, or learn to use the camera they have more effectively.

Keeping It Simple

While there are plenty of other web sites that will tell you all about digital cameras, I find many of them too detailed for the beginner. While they offer plenty of specific information about each camera, they don’t address some of the more general aspects.

With that in mind, DigicamGuides has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. I have tried to keep the information here straightforward, simple, and most importantly — based in the real world.

This web site does not offer a lot of numbers, figures, and technical information about how digital cameras work. I am not interested in the computational feats that the cameras can perform. I want to represent how well they take photos.

Before you purchase a digital camera, you should know that it is going to suit you and your photographic needs. It does not matter if it has the highest pixel count in its class, so long as it will help you capture important moments. One half of the site is devoted to providing you with information to make the right decision about your camera.

If you already own a digital camera, then the other half of the site will help you take better photographs, and use your camera more effectively. I have known too many people who purchase a top-of-the-line camera, and then only use 25% of its features, because they don’t know what the rest are used for.

The Ulterior Motive

I have to admit that this site also serves my purposes as well. For a long time I have wanted a central location that I can go to for digital camera information. I am always finding new web sites that provide information and news about photography and digital camera technology.

The result of this ongoing Internet search is our Link Directory. I have spent a lot of time on many of the sites in this directory, so you can rest assured that they are high-quality sites. They provide the amateur photographer with insight, news and guidance.

How You Can Help

I like to be informed about digital camera technology, but I don’t pretend to know everything. There are always new developments that change the way digital cameras work.

If you see something on this web site that you feel is either out-of-date or misrepresents the issue, Contact Us and let me know. I will correct errors and omissions as I can.

If there is also some part of the web site that you find difficult to use or confusing, please get in touch. The ease-of-use of this site is based entirely upon your opinion of it. If you can’t find something quickly and easily, it probably means that others can’t too. Voice your opinion, so that others can benefit and find what they are looking for.

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