December 18, 2004

Black and White

black and white

Are you going to get a digital camera for Christmas? Congratulations if you are! This project will give you the opportunity to use one of the less-common features on your camera.

Many digital cameras have a menu setting that lets you take all of your photographs in black and white. They commonly refer to this setting as a "picture effect". Another picture effect is sepia, which will make your photographs all look like they were taken 100 years ago.

For this project, I'd like you to set your picture effect to black and white for at least a day. If you can go for an entire week, even better.

The goal here is for you to learn how to see things in black and white. I find that black and white photography is more challenging than color. Why?

You must pay attention to your composition when you are taking black and white photographs. Since there is no color information to separate different visual elements, a photo that is cluttered won't look like much in black and white.

Taking black and white photos makes you simplify your compositions, which will also improve your color photography.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Posted by Chris at December 18, 2004 06:44 AM

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