November 03, 2004

Same Object, Different Light

This week's project is going to require some diligence on your part. It's a bit on the tedious side, but once we're done I hope you will have learned something valuable from it.

The goal this week is to pick one object or subject (only one now, no cheating) and spend an entire day photographing it. Change your camera settings as necessary to get a correct exposure, by try very hard to maintain the same framing in each photo you take. Always photograph your subject from the same angle.

This exercise should help you see the color of light. Since you are taking a photo of the exact same thing at the exact same angle throughout the course of the day, the only variable that is changing is the color and quality of the light.

You should notice a distinct difference between morning, noon and afternoon in terms of colors, contrast and mood.

Once you've done this exercise, view the photographs on your computer, but also make sure to order some prints. Looking at the color in the prints is what's really going to open your eyes to the subtle light differences at different times of day.

Once you have determined how the time of day affects the quality of light, you can go on to photograph other subjects, and intentionally wait for a certain time of day to get your photograph just right.

Posted by Chris at November 3, 2004 08:25 AM

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