November 25, 2004

Photograph Your Family

Since a major holiday is upon us, this project makes perfect sense right now. Of course, there is a small catch.

The goal of this project is to capture photos of your relatives and loved ones this Thanksgiving holiday. The trick will be to take photos of them that don't look like every other Thanksgiving holiday.

If your camera has a black and white setting, switch to that, especially if you've never taken black and white photos. Change the white balance on your camera, adjust the focus.

Think of new and creative ways to pose your family members for group photographs so that they don't look quite so static. Some of your family memebers will be willing, others won't want to participate.

The camera-shy are best captured when they are not paying attention and are relaxed. Use your zoom lens creatively to capture shots without being right in front of the person you're photographing.

Do anything and everything you can think of to come up with at least one truly unique image. While you will probably wind up with a lot of photos you have to discard (this is typical of experimentation), you may also find one real gem, something that breaks out of the standard holiday photograph mold.

Posted by Chris at November 25, 2004 08:00 AM

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