October 23, 2004

Shoe Samples

This is an example of the shoe project. It was a slow day photographically speaking, and I just wanted to get my eyes working a bit. I started out with my shoe.

It's a long way from brilliant photography, but it did give me the opportunity to get my camera in my hand and take some photos.

One great thing about taking pictures of your feet - they are always with you no matter where you go. You always have the opportunity to take a few photos of the mundane to get you going.

I sat in my chair that day, and took a few photos of my shoe. And what do you know. I looked up from this fascinating subject, and the next thing I saw was the photo to the right.

Hopefully this illustrates that sometimes you have to start with a simple subject in order to see something more interesting. This is especially true when you are photographing a location you are familiar with.

You may look around and just see a lot of the same old things that you see day after day. But after photographing something commonplace (like your shoes) the ordinary can become extraordinary.

I hope this technique works for you. Happy picture taking!

Posted by Chris at October 23, 2004 06:02 PM

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