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January 28, 2005

World Photo Day

We have added a link to the home page for World Photo Day on June 1, 2005. This project is designed to gather digital photographs from around the world on one day.

This from the World Photo Day web site: "This project's intent is merely to get the people of the world to see and experience each other on a typical day and to show, although our situations may be different, we all share very common traits."

We have also updated our Photo Sharing Service Comparison Chart and will be adding information about more services soon!

Posted by Chris at 12:11 PM

January 21, 2005

Photo Sharing Service Chart

Big announcement today!

We have just completed work on our Photo Sharing Service Comparison Chart.

As far as we can tell, this chart is one-of-a-kind right now. There are no other web sites that compare all of the online photo sharing web sites and their features.

We also provide a detailed glossary of photo sharing terms, with definitions of storage limits, bandwidth, original photo sizes, weblog posting, tags and more.

If you don't already use a photo sharing service, take a look at our Photo Sharing Service Comparison Chart and find the right one for you!

Posted by Chris at 07:41 PM

January 15, 2005

Updated Print Article

We have updated our article on dots per inch to correct and clarify some issues. The article now discusses dots per inch, but it also describes the relationship between pixels per inch (PPI) and print size.

Posted by Chris at 05:52 AM

January 08, 2005

Digital Camera Buyer Guide

You can now download our Digital Camera Buyer Guide.

The guide features all of the information included in our Learn the Terms section. Readers will learn about aperture, shutter speed, external flash, megapixels, memory cards and more.

The guide is offered as an alternative for anyone who does not want to read all of our web pages. It's also helpful for anyone who wants to print the guide and take it with them on a trip.

It is not free to download the guide, but the charge is modest: only $ 5.00 gets you 70 pages of helpful instruction and full-color photographs.

Download the Guide Today!

Posted by Chris at 06:32 AM

January 07, 2005

Learn More Terms

We just added three new definitions to the web site!

Our article on Autofocus will introduce you to the difference between one-shot and predictive autofocus systems.

We also introduce two new digital camera concepts: Histograms which will help you get properly exposed digital photos and Startup and Latency which shows that sometimes even a good digital camera can miss a great photo opportunity.

Posted by Chris at 06:47 PM

January 04, 2005

New Tips and Learning Pages

Today we added a new digital photography tip: How to Take Photographs at Night.

We also updated our description of Interpolated Megapixels, and we completely reworked our page on Lenses and Zoom to make it easier to understand.

Posted by Chris at 10:01 PM

Site Announcement

DigicamGuides released its first press release on December 21, 2004 to introduce the web site.

This press release illustrates how DigicamGuides is different from the other digital camera web sites that offer a lot of technical information. We use plain-English and simple language so that everyone can understand digital camera terms and technology.

You can read the press release at eMediaWire.

Posted by Chris at 09:55 PM

DigicamGuides News Now Available

We are happy to annouce the arrival of the DigicamGuides News page!

This section of the site is designed to keep you up to date with the changes that we make here at DigicamGuides. It will keep you informed about when we add new articles, and when we update existing ones to make them more current.

Digital camera technology changes a lot, and this web site changes to keep pace. Over the coming months you should see a lot of new additions to the site, and we'll keep you informed about every single one of them here.

If you like DigicamGuides and the content that we offer, please subscribe to our RSS news feed (over on the right sidebar). Once you add our news feed to your reader, you will be instantly notified when we add new content to the site.

Thanks for stopping by and happy picture taking!

Posted by Chris at 08:43 PM