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Photographic Examples of Exposure

Under, over and right in the middle

The following photographs show the difference between an underexposed photo, one that is correctly exposed and one that is overexposed.

Photo One — Underexposed

The flower with the dew on it is a pure white.

Since I underexposed the image when I took the photograph, the white flower looks more like a grey flower.
Underexposed photo

Photo Two — Correct Exposure

Here the flower is correctly exposed, and appears white as it should.

There are still some areas of grey, but these are shadows on the surface of the flower, and should be represented as a darker color.
Correct exposure

Photo Three — Overexposed

In attempting to capture the white flower in my photo I have gone too far.

All the detail in the flower is lost, and you can barely even tell that there is dew on it

While the green leaves in the background are now clearer, the flower is the subject so it should be properly exposed.
Overexposed photo

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