Share Your Digital Photos

Create online galleries of all of your favorite photographs

The Internet makes it easy to share your digital photographs with others. There are a ton of web sites today that will help you. Some charge a modest annual fee and others are free.

There is only one limitation to every single one of these sites: you must have access to a fast Internet connection. If you don't, it will take hours (literally) to upload a modest number of photos.


This is currently my favorite photo sharing web site. There are several reasons: images can be viewed at their original size, their galleries are clean and easy to set up, and for an annual fee of $ 29.95 you get UNLIMITED storage space.

A quick tour of smugmug will show you that there are some users who have upwards of 10,000 images loaded on the web site. While it may not be your intention to take quite this many photos, the storage space is there if you need it.

If you do decide that a smugmug account is right for you, you can use this code and get $ 5.00 of the annual fee: 5SwtPMUbwFA6o.


Ofoto is associated with Kodak, and they also provide a printing service for your digital photographs. The gallery feature on Ofoto is a free service. They offer utilities for both Mac and PC that will help you upload images to the web site.


Fotki offers two types of accounts: free and premium. With a free account you are limited to 10MB of space, and do not have many options to customize the look of your galleries. A premium account costs $ 30.00 per year.

You can find out about all the differences between the free account and premium account here.


PBase offers several different levels of online storage, with a starting price of $ 23.00 for 200 MB of storage and $ 60.00 for 600 MB of storage. To get a sense of how many photos this is, a 6.0 Megapixel image takes up about 4 MB. With the first account, you will be able to upload 50 photographs and with the second you can upload 150.