Print Your Digital Photographs

Upload your photos to these web sites, then request prints

There tends to be a lot of confusion when you want to print your digital photographs. With film, you take it to the local drugstore or photo shop and they do it for you. If you have the right printer at home, you can print photos yourself.

One nice option for printing is to have an online service do it. You upload your photos to the web site, and then request any type of print you want (even prints that measure 20" x 30"). The prints get mailed to you're front door, so you don't even have to leave the house. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

EZ Prints

For high-quality photographic prints from your digital camera, EZ Prints is the way to go. They offer a huge variety of print sizes and options, so you can really tailor the prints to your specific needs. EZ Prints will put your photos on specialty items like mugs, t-shirts and mouse pads too.

One nice thing about their services is that they help you to calibrate your monitor settings to match their printers. One of the biggest problems with printing digital photos is that photos that look great on your monitor may not look good printed. With monitor calibration, you can make sure that the prints that you get in the mail look exactly like the photos on your monitor.


Ofoto is associated with Kodak, and offer a very simple solution for those who just want regular glossy prints. They offer simple software download for both PC and Mac to help getting photos onto their web site. Ofoto can also double as a photo sharing service, since you can create galleries and share them with friends and family.


This is another of the large online digital camera print-makers. While I have not used them extensively, they offer many similar services and options as the other online printers.