Online Digital Camera Retailers

Great prices and excellent selection are the norm

When you're ready to buy, these are the Internet stores to go to. Be wary of others — I have heard a lot of horror stories about people who have purchased low-priced camera equipment.

Sometimes it doesn't ship, sometimes it's out of stock (when they said it was in). The worst situation is to find that you've purchased a used or refurbished item without a proper warranty. If this is the case and the camera breaks, you will have to pay for all repairs yourself.


Adorama and B&H have become my standard Internet stores for camera purchases. They both offer all of the digital cameras on the market today, plus a ton of accessories including tripods, lenses, flash units, and filters. Their prices are consistently low, and it's a rare day that you'll find a better deal someplace else.

B&H Photo Video

See above. The only reason that I list both B&H and Adorama is that sometimes when an item is out of stock at one, you can go to the other. Otherwise the two are pretty much the same.


J&R offers a huge variety of digital cameras and accessories. I have gone to them in the past for their low prices. Since J&R also offers computers, CDs, DVDs and all the rest, they don't tend to have specialty camera equipment like Adorama and B&H, but they do have a very good selection to choose from.


No surprise that this one is here. These days Adorama, B&H and J&R are affiliated with Amazon, so if you find a camera on Amazon, you might very well purchase it from one of these three retailers anyway. The only problem with Amazon is that their selection of accessories is a bit limited, so if you're looking for something rare, go straight to the other sites first.